The news had been promising snow. Not just some snow but the sort of snow that brings Britain to its knees and has people hugging their pets for warmth whilst burning heirlooms in the grate. Actually, that is just “some snow”. I rushed out to take a picture of the magic white transformer of London’s bleakness today. It looked as if the lawn had dandruff. By the time I realised my camera battery was flat and had rushed inside to change it, the snow had melted. I decided to have a fondue to build on the snowy alpine vibe but then couldn’t find the fondue pot. This is not a day which is going to rate high on my achievement scale. At least I’ve written a blog entry I can be truly proud of.

2 thoughts on “Snow”

  1. I, for one, am very happy to see you blogging again! Enjoying every post. Sorry about the snow, though. Batteries fade so fast in cold weather. 😉

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