For days now I have been teasing P, telling her that I have been too busy to buy her a Valentine’s day gift. This is something of ritual. I always engage in the same pretence so as to ensure a “surprise” for her. So familiar is the pattern that conversation now contains an implicit wink.

Today, after a panicky phone call I discover that a computer error has meant that the gift I ordered will not be arriving until tomorrow. So P really is getting a surprise this year. And I am getting kit-e-kat for dinner.

23 thoughts on “Uh-oh”

  1. Oh man!!!
    You’re in the shit, dude.

    That’s okay, Aaron and I decided that life is a big pile of poo right now and that we don’t have to buy a present for one another. We are going to celebrate by watching Lost and then getting naked.

    Ha ha. Sorry, that was probably TMI.

  2. Hmm. When did the Valentine’s day stakes get raised to the point where you could get into trouble by not buying a present? I’m still at the stage of getting into trouble by not buying a card…

  3. I’m familiar with this blog and, by association, your affections for P. So I happen to believe that you could opt out of Valentine’s Day for the rest of your days and it would probably be okay… we all know you’re an amazing gift giver on all the really important occasions, dear Moobs. 😉

  4. A sincerely meant card – preferably made by your own fair hands – is worth more brownie points than anything money can buy. Except for a Porsche. Or a Bentley. :-)

  5. Bec – thanks for the Brown Sauce tip – it made all the difference.

    Fluts – Well Happy V’s day from me anyway.

    Dixy-chick: I have run this past P and apparently I’m on an exclusively cat food diet for the foreseeable future now.

    Bren: A proper Bentley or one of those footballer numbers?

  6. We ditched gift-giving this year and instead went ice-skating at our local rink’s 2-for-1 Romantic Skate-A-Thon with hot cocoa.

    Next time, I’m asking for the gift. I wouldn’t care if it’s a day late.

    That’s better than a twisted ankle.

    I’m curious about what the gift was! Do! Tell!

  7. Knowing P, she’d at least garnish the kit-e-kat with something leafy and green. But check it just in case – it could be a nettle…

    p.s. Don’t worry about the catfood. You’re already experienced in such degustations. Remember that ‘foie gras’ last time you came over?…Say no more.

  8. Moobs,
    Computers problems/glitches and love should never be in the same sentence…
    Hope V’day went well…
    And that you learned the error of your ways..
    ; )

  9. I have it on good authority that Mr Moobs is not incapacitated – although since he’s off snowboarding that might not strictly be true. It’s perfectly possible that right at this moment he is wearing leopard-print oakleys, a billabong beanie, trousers with fourteen hundred pockets in, and is wrapped around a tree. We wish him a safe return.

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