I never met a blogger I didn’t like

I have finally found something that is better even than football.

I had lunch today with Katja, Fox and Gamba. I have endured any number of dreary client lunches in my time but lunch with three engaging, clever and funny women is a different experience altogether. I had such a good time I felt positively dizzy. Unfortunately for my companions that meant that my “inane babbling” switch tripped to “on” and locked there. Every now and again though I drew breath and they got to speak and, as a result, I can solemnly attest that they are every bit as charming and just as much fun as their blogs would lead you to believe.

Now I have to concentrate on fending off my post-steak nap. 

17 thoughts on “I never met a blogger I didn’t like”

  1. Well good for you guys! =)

    Any embarassing or potentially damaging video or photos for your faithful readers?

  2. ‘Tina – No there was a wary bloggers’ truce. Whenever a hand reached for a camera phone the menus went up in front of our faces.

  3. I think you’re being a little bit hard on yourself. You will have to share the very funny story about the Gits with your non-blunching fans some day.

  4. That was an ace anecdote. And you are indeed being hard on yourself – you weren’t in “babbling” mode at all. I was stuck in criminally shy mode at the start but think the AMAZING MEAT loosened me up.

  5. Kristin – No hand or eye could have framed our fearful symmetry.
    MM – Given that I spend all day with lawyers you would really have to be going some for me to think you horrid.

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