Tenuous Connections 2008


Here are the rules of the game: You have to come up with a tenuous connection to a celebrity. The cheesier or weirder the celebrity the more points you get. The more tenuous (or weirder) the connection the better too (although there is a cut-off point – seeing them on television does not count, nor does merely living in the same country).

Last years winners were:

(1) The Prestigious UK Award:

Lucy Chintz for: “My cousin’s great grandmother was in the car crash with Sammy Davis Jr when he lost his left eye”
Urban Chick for: “My friend was a doctor of the brother of the last Emperor of China”

(2) The Equally Prestigious International Award:

The Cronz for: “My sister had larks with Billy Idol’s backstage crew

You cannot use a connection that you have entered before. For the bibulous amongst you the prize is plonk. For the others (or at your discretion) it will be something that has fallen off the back of a truck headed for Amazon.com.

Place your entries by leaving comments. The winners will be decided Zimbabewean Election stylee: there will be a vote but then I will steal the ballot boxes.

Good luck!